Q: Are you available for hire?

A: Yes - and if you just send me an email via my contact form with your photo needs, I'll get right back to you. I am looking to work with more small businesses in the area to give their marketing/social media campaigns the photos they need to stand out online.

Q: Can I use some of your photos in this project I'm working on?

A: If you are using it for a commercial purpose, I usually charge a royalty-free license fee for a full-res image. This fee depends on a couple different factors so email me to find out more.

If you are not using it for a commercial purpose, ie; personal blog-post, charity promotion, not-for-profit organization etc... I will hook you up at no charge.  But ask that you credit me as the creator of the work as outlined in this creative commons license. 

Q: What's this 'Royalty Free' License charge all about?

A: For Example: If your company has a website and you want to use a photo of mine, I charge you a one-time fee and you have the right to use the photo as much as you like within the context of our usage agreement. I however will always retain copyright of the image.