This month, the Wildwood Cafe is filled with my photos of the South Shore of Nova Scotia; from Liverpool to Riverport to Lunenburg and manny places in between! The show is called South Shore Summer and is inspired by the summer colours of the area. The great thing about putting on a show like this in Bridgewater is that you get lots of people seeing photos of scenes that may be literally in their back yard. I chatted with a lady today - as I was hanging the photos - who runs an antique store directly across the street from where one of my photos was taken so it was a great conversation-starter.

The wall you see in the photo below has six 18x24-inch frames with my colourful summer prints and the wall opposite has four of my 36" Nova Scotia panoramas. Three of the panos are from my April show at the cafe but I printed a new one for this show that I took in Dayspring. Stop by to see them if you are curious!

I must thank Aaron and Maria from the Wildwood Cafe for running such a fine food establishment and for continuing to support local artists.

Below you will find a taste of what you can expect to see at the Wildwood this month: