It's pretty amazing how tons of snow and ice can change a landscape. I never really made good use of this beautiful patch of protected land when I was growing up in Amherst but when I was home over the holidays, I decided to check it out after a huge multi-day dumping of winter weather. This is what we saw on our way in.

We also saw a big pile of seeds and some chickadees on the trail on our way in, so as we left to go home, we tried to feed the birds. I guess they're pretty used to people out here. The photo on the left is my fiancé Shawnee (PS I can't wait to see the photos from her new Diana F+) and the one on the right is me holding some seed in one hand, and my camera in the other. This little fellow was so tame, the sound of the autofocus motor didn't phase him a bit. I've photographed actual people who were harder to work with than this little guy  ^_^

Bird Sanctuary Diptic.jpg