Make sure you head over to the Wildwood Cafe this April for some stellar food, great service and some BIG photos of this fair province. I will be displaying three different sets of photos; W-I-D-E panoramas of Nova Scotia landscapes, a set called Lunenburg Noire and a set of Rural Architecture.

The panoramas are 3-feet wide and are all Nova Scotia landscapes; many of which might be right in your own backyard. I stitched them together from several separate images to make giant mega-images! It is also worth mentioning that they will look stunning on your wall at home, so don't be shy to inquire about purchasing. Each photo in the cafe will be the first in a set of 25 limited edition prints.

My mysteriously-named Lunenburg Noire photos are shots from a rainy, foggy night in Lunenburg last summer. They are definitely a fresh look at the town of Lunenburg which is so busy by day in tourist season. These photos show Lunenburg's quiet side when the fog is in, the streets are wet and the people are inside.

The third set of photos are portraits of old barns or other rural structures. The Nova Scotia landscape is full of them and there is something about the relationship between the environment, the things we build on it and the effect they have on each other over time.

I am pretty excited to finally have a photo-show in my home town and am grateful to the kind folks at the Wildwood Cafe for the art-space. There aren't many places like this in town! I'm plugging in the Google map here so you have less of an excuse to not stop by ^_^


If you would like to enquire about purchasing prints, you can send me a message with the contact form found here.These are all printed by me with archival inks and papers and are made to last. All prints can be purchased framed or unframed.


I have been a little busy putting this show together and have not been updating this blog as much as I would like so in the coming weeks, I will be providing some info on how to prepare for a photography exhibition. If you have no experience with that sort of thing, I think it might be useful to those who have really great photos and want to take them from their internet portfolio/photo-sharing site to the walls of a public space. I hope it will demystify the process and help nudge some people in the right direction!