Just outside of Bridgewater, there was a crowd gathering on the side of the road. They were all hanging out and watching the crews across the river try to deal with a dirty old fishing boat - aka the Cape Rouge - that started to sink earlier today. I've seen these boats here for the last few years but I never really knew their deal. I read in the Herald that one of these boats was being used in the TV show Haven during the summer and they keep it here in the winter. 

Either way, the folks in Bridgewater have some roadside entertainment for the next few days. I heard talk of oil leaks and there was an oil boom around the vessel when I was taking photos - hopefully nothing too scary got into the river. 

Maybe after this pile of floating garbage is removed, they might think about getting rid of the other decaying relics while they are still buoyant. The Lahave is a beautiful river but we sure don't treat it that way up at this end sometimes.