I can't believe I've never been up to one of these parties before. Last weekend we went to an art launch/open house/concert/skate jam at Homegrown Skateboards in Lahave. The event was in honour of Montreal artist/skateboarder Jon Browne and when we were there, Dockyard Boxer was finishing up their set.

I've been getting yummy food from the Lahave Bakery for years (Herb & Cheese Bread!!!!) and have never ventured waaaay up to the top floor until now. Homegrown Skateboards seems to do it all - they manufacture super high quality decks with equally awesome original artwork. They also sell prints and clothing up there too so it's sort of like a big  workshop/printshop/skate shop right in the heart of Lahave. Oh yah, they also have a crazy bowl for the skate-folk to use -  that was in full use the entire time.

Good times were had and good tunes were heard. I'll be keeping my ears open for more events like this.