As promised in my last post - here's a look at a different detour I took a few years ago on another drive home to the South Shore from Amherst. Grey skies and an autumn in the air.

Downtown Amherst, NS

Instead of taking the 104, I took the old highway to Springhill and then headed over to Parsborro.

Parrsboro, NS

I then made my way back to the 104 through Economy - Pulled over on a neat looking beach on my way. 

Economy, NS

Economy, NS

Steam Engine at the Bass River Heritage Museum

The Fundy Shore is a cool place to explore. I'm not totally sure what the huge relic from the steam age was used for but it looks pretty badass. I found it at the Bass River Heritage Museum - leave a comment if you know what it is! I don't get out this way enough. I think I'll plan another trip out this way next summer and see what else I can find.