Or, the night my mind was fully blown...

Check it out! I've been trying to catch the aurora borealis for a few years. Every time I hear about the possibility of seeing them this far south, there seems to be cloudy weather but not tonight. It was clear as a bell. We found this spot on Crescent Beach Road. Perfect place to take it all in.


Wow, this post really made the rounds on the internet - thanks to everyone who has shared it out! A lot of people were wondering about when and how the photos are made. Here is some extra info:


We got there at around 8:15pm and, as it turned out, we were just in time. We pulled over on Crescent Beach Road and I set up the tripod to take a test shot. I couldn't see much but we knew we were supposed to be looking towards the north-east so that's where I pointed the camera. Here's the first test shot:

The Northern Lights were just starting to show in this shot.

Annnnnd when I saw that, I thought we were on the right track! At this point, with the naked eye, you could see the green just barely. It sort of looked like a long cloud of distant light-pollution. I then set up the tripod on the other side of the road for a better look. That's how the photos above were made. Most of the photos were taken with a 30sec exposure at ISO800 with my Fuji X-T1 and the Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 lens.